Después del Futuro/بعد المستقبل/After the Future

ARTifariti 2016: 10th International Art and Human Rights Meeting in Western Sahara

Annisa Berkane  / Ponant Libre /

Ponant Libre (or Free Western Wind) is a mix-media work by engaged Artist Anissa Berkane in a contribution for the 40th anniversary of The Exodus and the creation of Refugee camp.


Anissa chose a reproduction of the area where the first Sahrawi population arrived in the Hamada, which was known to be one of the most hostile and barren parts of the Sahara. She used bright symbolism of shapes and signs painted with the colours of the sahrawis flag and duplicatd to the five continents as to address a message of solidarity and peace-planning to the refugee community.


Ponant Libre. 100 x 100

Anissa Berkane


Algiers, 1966