Después del Futuro/بعد المستقبل/After the Future

ARTifariti 2016: 10th International Art and Human Rights Meeting in Western Sahara

Rima Djahnine  / Hazy Line /

“The light doesn’t stopover on you.


It passes through you without lingering over.



Your shadow is suffering, it is not worn


Your signature (your trace) flies



You persist in believing that she is not in solitude,


You finally give up your body on the way;



Your shadow is trying to catch you.


She agrees;



There’s no need for this body


The shadow is tearing apart.



It separates


She's bleeding



For no more track,


No more edge.”



In this text, Rima tells the story of a person who slides into madness because she is far from her homeland. Exile is a topic close to the heart of the artist who had to tragically leave Algeria in the 90s and only returned in 2013.


Rima Djahnine


Bejaïa (Algeria), 1979





That same year she won a scholarship of creation from the Arab Funds for Art and Culture (AFAC), allowing her to produce her first major artistic project "Clash, a suspended time" which she’s been working on since 2010. This project is due to be exhibited in 2016/17.


Rima is also member of the jury selecting the Algerian artists for the ARTifariti residency this year.