Después del Futuro/بعد المستقبل/After the Future

ARTifariti 2016: 10th International Art and Human Rights Meeting in Western Sahara

Sadek Rahim  / Mankind; 2 points /

What is it that pushes people to have empathy for other people?



We all watched hundreds of Germans held up "Welcome Refugees" signs on TV. On the other hand many of the refugees said that the authorities of several European countries had treated them inhumanely. Why do some Europeans welcome refugees, while others do everything they can to keep them out?


To try to answer this question I found interesting to have a look to the geopolitical phenomenon that took place during the voting in the Eurovision song contest. Indeed, throughout the decades, the results of the contest demonstrate solidarity between countries in the EU; this is surely due to historical and cultural ties that have been established between these countries during centuries.



Central to the artist's work is a social awareness and commitment to highlighting social problems such as the issue of illegal immigration. Sadek's work, through a combination of photography/installation and technology/design, takes an intimate look at the human condition that often includes an “emotional effect” and blurs the lines between public and private.


In “Mankind; 02 points”, the artist worked on a carpet that he bought from a trip to Syria in 1999, on which he reproduced burn star signs (twelve) forming the Eurovision’s flag-logo.



Mankind; 2 points.

Burned carpet made in Syria. Diameter ∅ 160 cm (2016)

Sadek Rahim


Oran (West Algeria)